Our Philosophy

The search for special products is usually a time-consuming process. There are plenty of mass goods available, but the special something is often sought in vain, while the industrial character predominates. Yet it is precisely this personal touch that transforms a conventional product into an exceptional piece. In order to enrich the market with such products, we founded the brand Kolibrii in December 2017. At Kolibrii we put these incomparable accents into action and make accessories for the nature and quality-conscious individualist. It is this attention to detail that makes our products so distinctive and anything but boring.

It is important for us to use our products to create a special connection to nature that is far too often neglected these days. Hence, we use a variety of environmentally friendly and renewable raw materials in the production of our accessories. In doing so, we set accents with unique elements such as wood or stone and thus create individually finished pieces.


"Unique accessories made of impressive materials."


Above all, we value wood as a material for various reasons, such as its pleasantly warm texture and unique structure. Wood is still one of the most important plant products, both as a raw material for further processing, and as a renewable energy source. It is also an ideal and living material. The comforting atmosphere of the wood gives every piece a special charm that nobody should miss. It also enhances the product with a very personal touch that mass-produced goods lack due to their industrial standard and conformity.

In order to give every piece a very unique touch we ensure to work with delicate and special details. One way of doing this is by accentuating them with different types of rock. Their individual grains make the accessories look even nobler and ensure that no two pieces are alike. Every time the coloring and the pattern vary. In addition, the various stone types provide an elegant touch. Since every piece is handmade, we have every chance of rounding off the product.


"Every accessory is unique."


Of course it is important to us that our customers enjoy their Kolibrii products for a long time. Therefore, the base of each piece is made of stainless steel 316l, which contributes to its longevity and durability. The dials of our watches are covered with extremely resistant sapphire glass, so they are well protected.

Take our word for it and make a unique connection to nature with your accessory. It is no coincidence that the hummingbird is the symbol bearer of our products: it stands for the remarkable powers that nature possesses and, as the most important force bearer, symbolizes its unique creatures. The hummingbird, like our accessories, is known for its beauty, but also impresses with its small size. Nevertheless, it should not be underestimated: like our products, it is very durable and also works with the highest precision, efficiency and reliability. At the same time, the little bird is a master of elegance that is memorable. His flight looks like he is standing in the air, radiating calm and enjoying life, grace and harmony.


"A sign of freedom and individuality"


We attach great importance to respectful and sustainable use of nature. In order to preserve the habitat of the hummingbird and the origin of our raw materials, we support the WWF. With the purchase of a Kolibrii product you do that too. We find that the individuality of each person should also be reflected in his or her style. A remarkable accessory can make all the difference.